Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tonight's Pairing Experiment

The dish - Thai Basil Chicken
The wine - Sauvignon Blanc
The competitors - 2009 Sterling from Sonoma County, CA v. 2010 Oyster Bay from Marlborough, New Zealand
The winner - Sterling (and this was not influenced by a previous post; I have always been fond of Sterling wines)

The main components of this dish were jalapeno, garlic, basil and chicken served over a bed of steamed bell peppers mixed with Asian vinaigrette. The recommendation was that a Sterling-type would pair well with a vinaigrette. Oddly, the vinaigrette was hardly noticeable, but it still worked. The Sterling just "jived" with the dish. It was harmonious mostly with the bell peppers. The Oyster Bay was good - don't get me wrong - just not good for this dish. (Both bottles were finished.)
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