Saturday, March 12, 2011

Free Run

Free run is the juice that drains easily from freshly cut grapes before pressing. It is nearly always the best juice you are going to get as it is lower in tannins and doesn't get as much bitterness from seeds or stems. Since it is superior, a wine made from free run will cost more, but should showcase the natural characteristic of the grape.
Interestingly, I could find nothing when I did a search of any combination of words for wines made entirely from or wines made with free run juice. I did, however, get some hits when searching Google Images for photos.
Domaine Chahut's "LaMule" (Beaujolais, France), which is sold only in magnums (and, possibly only in France).
Wente's Shorthorn Canyon Syrah (East of San Francisco in the Livermore Valley) - where they use a process called "rack and return", or delestage, where free run juice is drained off the cap and pumped back over the fermenter. While interesting, I'm still not sure this is what I am looking for.
Ruinart Brut Rose Champagne (from France, obviously), which is made partially from free run.
Hello Kitty Devil Red Pinot Noir (?) - really?!?
2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon advertises it is made from 100% free run juice. This may be the wine I am looking for. At $25 per bottle, the price is right, too.
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